The Conservatory School for the Performing Arts
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The Conservatory School of the Performing Arts is proud to provide the best performing arts education in the area. But don't just take our word for it ... See what our CSPA families and friends have to say!

The Conservatory's owner Erika works exceptionally hard to push her students into the performers she knows they can be. Students have the opportunity to study musical theatre, dance, act, and take vocal lessons to become a well rounded performer. If you want your child to LEARN something with their monthly tuition you want your children to come to this studio. Not only do the students learn from fabulous teachers they love doing it!

- Jackie M., via Facebook

My daughter has been a dancer now for taking privates at CSPA, and in weeks made improvements. CSPA has helped her regain her love for daabout 10 years. In her own words "dance is like oxygen", and without dance she cannot breath. Like most young dancers, nine years in at a former dance school she had lost her passion for dance. She felt she'd plateaued, and was not challenged. She startednce, and passion for the arts.

- Keisha C., via Facebook

Erika is a powerhouse! I love her creativity and commitment to my daughter! I appreciate the fact that she is also so professional, no drama here! Thrilled to be a part of it....

- Brenda B., via Facebook

A warm and open environment for all ages! Dedicated and knowledgeable staff. Erika Frank's choreography is amazing.

- Tori A., via Facebook

Wow! I can't say enough about the way you took - "uncured talent", and made virtual masterpiece productions - from one set - to the next - to the next, including everything from lighting, costumes, creative vision, music, dance, and set staging! Holy crap Batman. That was fabulous.

Congratulations to you Erika and to your team of skilled professionals for making one of the most enjoyable shows I've ever seen!
- CSPA Grandparent

A huge thank you to CSPA owner and director Erika Frank for nurturing my son's spirit through the art of singing, acting and dancing.
Erika and her staff are so dedicated to teaching CSPA students self-assurance through goal setting and consistent progress,Instilling confidence and self esteem and making every child feel special.
- CSPA Parent
My daughter started taking private lessons at CSPA, and in weeks made improvements. She spent nine years at a former dance school where she lost her passion and felt that she had plateaued in her technique. Now in our second season with The Conservatory she has regained her passion for dance and is consistently improving.
- CSPA Parent

Erika, along with her qualified staff, are well educated and skilled to teach and train properly and safely. Erika is extremely dedicated and diligent about helping students advance, excel and enjoy whichever classes they choose. I really feel that there is no other school that compares to The Conservatory School for the Performing Arts (CSPA).

Erika is forever creating and extending new and exciting opportunities to her students. She often brings in professionals, from the dance and entertainment field, to provide knowledgeable and fun workshops for her young dancers. My daughter, has grown tremendously, both as a performer and as a person, under Erika”s direction. She has been given opportunities she could have only dreamed of before starting at CSPA. From winning Pageants and Theater Competitions to dancing on a Broadway stage in NYC, my daughter has grown in confidence, self discipline and work ethic!
- CSPA Parent

Thank you Ms. Erika for using your talent as an excellent choreographer and dance teacher to bring out the hidden dancer in my daughter. Over the past 2 years I have watched her techniques vastly improved under your direction as a Pre-Professional dancer, considering she has never danced before.

My daughter continues to grow into a strong and confident dancer primarily because her dance and musical thatre experience at The Conservatory has taught her the value of resilience in the face of adversity. Keep up the good work you do that keeps the kids happy and wanting more.
- CSPA Parent

Dance is like oxygen, and without dance I can not breath. My teachers at The Conservatory nurture both my talent and passion. They allow me to grow as a person and student.
- CSPA Student

I'm so proud to have my son enrolled as a student at The Conservatory. He is about to start his third year. He started with musical theater and recreational tap, then moved on to the theater competition team and more dance classes. He is enjoying the experience so much that this year he is pushing himself to take pre professional dance along with Level 3 musical theatre competition team. He has made so many friends and has learned so much from Erika and the other teachers.

Erika runs her studio with the goal of enhancing the life of each child in her care to wanting to be the best dancer, actor, singer (or all three), that they can be and she does it by using encouragin words as part of her training technique. I'm happy we found The Conservatory. Because of this school for the performing arts, sam has been signed by a manager and an agent and is on the road to greater things. Thank you Erika. We love you.
- CSPA Parent