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Join the team the has brought home over $100,000.00 in competitive earnings and scholarships! The competitive Musical Theatre program is designed for the student who wants to focus on an intensive level of training to perfect for the stage. Competitive experiences provide the student with the opportunity to learn how to work as a team, challenge personal progress, perform and receive feedback from industry professional, and develop a network within the performing arts community.

To grow the student in a timely manner, CSPA’s Musical Theatre competitive program is required for specific levels. This program is by audition only, and is for the serious student.

As our belief is education first, competitive routines will be taught outside of class room time. Outside workshops and conventions may be required. End of the season National Competition may be required. If desired, the student may have the opportunity to work with outside industry professionals.

The competitive program requires a full 11-month commitment. Tuition varies based upon level of placement.

2023 Competitive Musical Theatre Audition
Looking to take your training to the next level?! Join the programs that help pave the way to professional dance and theatre careers! Join a team focused on building confidence, character, friendships, and well rounded performers and individuals. Join the Legacy! Who's next?!

Audition Date: By Appointment Only
Where: CSPA
* Schedule listed in the audition registration form*

 Recreational Plus Competitive Program

 Come join our Rec+ Competitive Musical Theater Team! Our Rec+ Musical Theater Team are required to take musical theater group classes, vocal technqiue and performance, and a minimum of 1 hour of dance per week.  Students in this program perform in shows, community performane,and compete in regional competitions that offer recreational and intermediate levels. 

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All forms must be filled out in order for registration to be complete. Forms may be submitted by mail, by email, or in person.