The Conservatory School for the Performing Arts - Massachusetts

Pre Professional Dress Code

The Dress Code is strongly enforced. All students must wear the proper dance wear and dance shoes to class. Jewelry is not to be worn in any dance class (small earrings are fine). Hair must be neatly secured and completely off the face. Students should not have to fix their hair in class. Please follow guidelines in the class Dress Code descriptions below:

Mini Team Dance & Musical Theatre 
Girls: Black Leotard, Pink Tights, ballet canvas, tan maryjane velcro tap shoe, tan jazz shoes, hair up in a proper ballet bun (Optional: black jazz pants or shorts for jazz and tap)
Boys: Black footed tights, black ballet (canvas), black jazz shoe, black (slip on) tap shoes, white t-shirt (tucked in) (Optional: Black jazz pants or shorts for jazz and tap)

Girls: Black Leotard, Pink Tights, Ballet Shoes (Canvas), Hair Up in a proper ballet bun (Optional: Waistband)
Boys: Black full-length footed tights, black ballet shoes, white t-shirt (tucked in), dancers belt

Girls: Black Leotard, Black Tights (convertible or footless), bare feet, Hair Up neatly secured off the face (Optional: Shorts)
Boys: Black shorts, bare feet, white or black t-shirt (no logos), dancers belt

Girls: Solid Color leotard, Tan Jazz Shoes, Tan 2" Charachter Heels, Hair Up neatly secured off the face, Black Jazz Pants, Hair up neatly (Optional: Dance Shorts)
Boys: Black Jazz Pants, Black Jazz Shoes, Solid Color t-shirt, dancers belt (Optional: Black dance shorts)

Girls: Black Leotard, Black jazz pants, Black Oxford Tap Shoes, Hair up neatly secured off the face (Optional: Dance Shorts & Solid color t-shirt or long sleeves must be fitted with no logos))
Boys: Solid Color t-shirt or long sleeves (fitted no logos), black jazz pants, black oxford tap shoes

Girls: Solid color leotard with transtional tights or dance shorts and bare feet. Tights not required for acrobatics
Boys: Solid color t-shirt or tank top with gym shorts (not baggy), dancers belt, Bare feet

Girls: Solid color leotard,  jazz pants and/or dance shorts. All clothing must look dance professional and form fitting. Hair up and neatly secured off the face. Half sole (leather skin tone canvas) lyrical shoe (no foot undies) 
Boys: Solid colored t-shirt, black jazz pants and/or shorts, dance belt, bare feet or socks.


Hip Hop
Girls & Boys: Street Style Clothing (no jeans), Sneakers are to be worn

Pre-Professional Musical Theatre Students 
Level 2 & 3 students may be required to purchase 2" tan character heels. 


Ballet Classes
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