The Conservatory School for the Performing Arts - Massachusetts

2018-2019 Class Schedule

Schedules are subject to change.
* Director Approval

4:00-5:15pm On Broadway Recreational Musical Theatre Vocal & Acting (Int/Adv)  Studio B 
5:15-6:15pm Ballet Recreational Level 3 (Ages 13+) Studio A 
6:15-7:15pm  Jazz Recreational Level 3 (Ages 13+) Studio A
7:15-8:15pm  Tap Recreational Level 3 (Ages 13+) Studio A

4:15-5:15pm   Acro PP & Rec Int/Adv Studio A
5:15-6:15pm   Modern PP Int/Adv Studio A*
6:15-7:45pm   Ballet & Pointe PP Int/Adv Studio A*
7:45-8:45pm   Jazz PP Int/Adv Studio A* 


4:00-5:00pm   Ballet Recreational Beg/Int  Studio A
4:30-5:00pm   Creative Music (6 week program ages 3-5) Studio B
5:00-6:00pm   Jazz Recreational Beg/Int  Studio A
6:00-7:00pm   Tap Recreational Beg/Int  Studio A
7:00-7:30pm   Acting Only Ages 11+ Studio B (6 week program) (ends 10/24) 
7:00-7:30pm   Modeling Ages 5-9 (8 week program) Studio A (ends 11/21) 
7:30-8:30pm   Modeling Ages 10+ Studio A


4:15-5:45pm   Ballet Technique PP Int/Adv Studio A *
5:45-6:45pm   Acrobatics Recreational & Dance Comp Beg/Int Studio A
6:45-7:45pm   Hip-Hop PP & Rec. Int/Adv Studio A
7:45-8:45pm   Lyrical/Contemporary PP Int/Adv Studio A*


4:00-5:00pm   Lyrical/Contemporary Recreational Beg/Int Studio A
5:00-6:00pm    Ballet Dance Competition Team  Studio A*
6:00-7:00pm    Jazz Dance Competition Team Studio A*  
7:00-8:00pm    Tap Dance Competition Team Studio A*


9:00-9:45am     Preschool Basics Ballet & Tap (ages 3-5) Studio A
9:15-9:45am     Broadway Babes Vocal & Acting  (ages 5-7) Studio B
9:45-10:30am   Mini Stars Vocal & Acting Studio B * 
9:45-10:30am   Broadway Babes Ballet & Tap (ages 5-7) Studio A
10:30-11:30am  Mini Stars Ballet, Jazz, Tap Studio A *
10:30-11:15am  Showbiz Kids Recreational Beg/Int Vocal & Acting Studio B
11:30-12:30pm  Hip-Hop Recreational Beg/Int Studio A 
12:30-2:00pm    Ballet, Jazz, Tap Combination Class Beg/Int Studio A 
12:30-2:00pm    Musical Theatre PP ( Jr. Team) Vocal & Acting Studio B *
2:00-3:15pm     Musical Theatre PP Rehearsals Studio A*
3:15-4:45pm     Musical Theatre PP (Teen Team) Vocal & Acting Studio B * 
4:45-5:45pm     Tap PP Int/Adv Studio A * 
4:45-7:00pm     Pre-Professional Dance Rehearsals Studio A* 


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Ballet Classes
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